The Different Types of Tire Wear

The Different Types of Tire Wear

It’s a fact that as long as your vehicle’s tires are in use, they’re sustaining consistent damage that’ll make them less effective over time. As such, at some point they’ll need to be replaced. However, what’s lesser known is that tire wear comes in many forms—and some of them can be mitigated with the proper maintenance steps. These are some of the different types of tire wear and what you can do to reduce the damage.

Center Wear

Center wear is one of the most common varieties of damage sustained from casual use. This happens when a tire is inflated with too much air and the middle starts protruding outward. As a result, the center tread has the most direct contact with the road and wear is focused along the very middle of the rubber.

Side Wear

Side wear is similar in appearance to center wear. However, instead of being caused by overinflated tires, this form of damage is sustained by underinflated tires. Without enough air to keep their form, the center of the tire caves inward and the bulk of road contact is made along the tread’s outer edges. This creates fading along both sides of the tread.

Cupping Wear

Another important type of tire wear to identify is what’s known as cupping or scalloping. This is when divots begin to form in the tread and the tire takes on a lumpy appearance. This wear is often a result of loose, worn, or bent components of your suspension system and can be dangerous if left unchecked.


Feathering is when tires experience wear at an angle. It’s a bit harder to catch at first glance, but it’s easy to feel if you run your hand over the tread. This damage could indicate your tires are at an uneven alignment and have inconsistent contact with the road.

Sidewall Wear

Sidewall wear is a possibility, even though these components rarely have contact with the road. This is because some drivers have the tendency to park too close to the curb, scraping this part in the process. So, it’s recommended that you avoid this practice—and the others listed above—to extend the lifespan of your tires.

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