Why Your Tire Squeals When Turning

Why Your Tire Squeals When Turning

Hearing squealing coming from your car is never a good sign, but luckily, there are times where it is an easily solved problem. However, there are unfortunately occasions when that is not the case, and your car needs to be serviced by a mechanic before it breaks down. Pay attention and listen to the high-pitched noises coming from your vehicle—we explain why your tire squeals when turning so you can determine if it’s time to take your car into the shop.


One of the less severe reasons for squealing tires is due to low tire pressure. The squealing results from the rubber trying to make contact with the road when turning; this is due to the lack of traction that comes with underinflated tires.

Fix It Early

There may be no cause for alarm at this stage if you catch it early enough. Underinflation can happen naturally due to driving, but you need to make sure that it is not because of a leak or puncture in your tire. Driving too long on underinflated tires can cause long-term damage, making it important to fill them up as soon as possible.

Worn Tire Treads

Worn-out tires have difficulty maintaining their traction on the road, which causes the squeal that you hear when making turns. It is the same principle as underinflated tires in the sense that the tires are struggling to keep their grip on the road.


Unfortunately, this is more severe than underinflated tires; there is no way that your worn-out tires can regain their treads. Worn tires will require you to purchase new tires to replace the older ones—not just to eliminate the squealing but for safer driving as well.


When your tires become misaligned, they are no longer pointing vertical, which will result in squealing because of their awkward contact with the ground. The unevenness that comes with misalignment causes uneven wear and tear on tires, which can also contribute to the worrying noises your vehicle makes.

Causes and Solution

Some common causes result from hitting potholes too fast, which can ruin your suspension and cause misalignment. It can also be due to a mistake on the part of a mechanic when they rotate your tires or install a new suspension. Whatever the cause may be, the solution is the same; you need to have it serviced immediately by professionals. Failing to correct misalignment will cause severe problems with your tires and suspension, meaning a repair cost that can go into the thousands of dollars.

Immediate Service

When dealing with squealing tires, the severity of the problem can range from minor to serious. But even a slight problem can turn into a critical one if left unfixed. When the time comes to have your tires services, contact RNR Tires in Hutchinson, Kansas. Their automotive professionals can help you troubleshoot problems and recommend solutions to get you safely back on the road.

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